About Us

The story behind Duffs!

    My name is Devon Disorda, founder of Duffs Powersports. This is the story of the evolution and development of Duffs Powersports.
      Growing up I developed a passion for ATVs & dirt bikes from my father who enjoyed them himself and had a knack for fixing them. We didn't have much money so whenever we found a good deal on a broke down machine we were interested in, we would jump on buying it! This became father & son bonding for the two of us and a small engines trade education for me.
          I was eventually presented a job opportunity in my 9th grade of high school working for a local shop by the name of Motorhead Parts & Powder Coating. I grew my knowledge of the ins and outs of the business over the 4 years I worked there. When Motorhead Parts dissolved I relocated as a machine assembler for a local power sports dealer. Never finding peace & enjoyment in my work life like I once had at Motorhead Parts, I decided it was time to start my own business!
              Starting out in early 2015 by the name of "Powersports Parts Plus", it quickly grew from a part time gig to a full time operation. I still remember the first bike we parted out, it was 2001 Suzuki RM250. Slowly but surely, the business grew from purchasing one machine into three machines a month, and now we turn out 3+ machines a week! 
                  Our early days began working out of my parents basement in a small 15'x20' single bay garage. The tight space grew tighter with every machine we parted out forcing us to look for more space. Around mid 2016 we purchased a 40'x8'x8' shipping container, which we quickly filled up with our overflow of parts. My neighbors loved the eye sore but, we finally had our work area back and room to grow!
                      We grew in that space for over a year and a half, until we ran into the same problem; no more space. We were back to overcrowded storage and hardly any work space to dismantle machines. It was time for more space again! In 2018 we looked for weeks before we eventually found our new, New York location in a 9,000sq ft warehouse in the small farm town of Greenville, New York.
                          In late 2019, Duffs Outdoor Equipment is born! In search to expand our brand name we thought to ourselves, "where there is a rider, there is a lawn to be mowed or a machine to be washed." We've expanded the Duffs name to selling lawn mower, pressure washer, snowblower parts and much more!
                            2021; Expanding to the south! 2020 Covid-19 pandemic was hard on us all. Through controversial times, the team here at Duffs put in the extra work to keep the momentum of progress going. With the future in mind we decided to open a smaller 3,500sq ft 2nd location in Santee, South Carolina.
                             Hard work and dedicated service has allowed us to expand into something bigger than we thought we ever could. Our founding goals still remain the same. We strive to get you the correct part when you need it! We are pushing to be the biggest and the best within our industry. We are still learning and growing everyday! Every mistake we make is one we grow on, I can assure you that one thing you get when shopping with Duffs, is integrity!
                              From one rider to another, I know the frustrations of wanting to get what you need in yesterdays time! The team at Duffs Powersports wants to get you back out on your machine as soon as possible! We love the sport as much as you do!
                                This story is to be continued...